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Many people have asked how to only show ropings in their state.  Here's how you do it!  Below, there is a box called Filter.  Click on the drop-down menu and choose what you want to sort by.  Your options are Title (handy if you know the name of the roping you are looking for, or if you're just looking for #9 ropings), City (look up ropings just in Kerrville, for example), Venue (if you want to see all ropings at the NRS Arena, for example), and State (see all ropings in your state).

Once you've chosen what TYPE of filter you want, go to the next box over and type in your search term. For example, set Filter to State and search for TX.  After typing in TX, hit the "GO" button, the page will refresh, showing you ONLY ropings in the state of Texas.

Hopefully this will help many of you who wish to only see ropings in your area!

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