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The Importance of Buying Fresh Ropes

The Importance of Buying Fresh Ropes


The Importance of Buying Fresh Ropes

rope is tied to fit your hand.   A header's kick is different than a heeler's kick because of the difference in the way a header and heeler deliver their rope.  All of this being said, the importance of being that first person to uncoil your rope is very important to the way it will feel to you.

No matter what rituals you go through to choose the best apple in the supermarket, it's probably nothing compared to what you are doing in the local tack shop trying to assure that you are getting the freshest rope out of the bunch.  We at National Roper's Supply will save you the agony of picking through the bruised apples just to find the one that looks good.

National Roper's Supply guarantees every rope you buy from us is made in the same season that it was manufactured, and that you will be the only person to uncoil it.

Squeezing loaves of bread, sniffing oranges, knocking on cantaloupes, and checking the date on the milk are natural things you see people doing in the supermarket to make sure that they are getting the freshest food, but not all team ropers know the importance of buying a fresh rope.

I know it's a stretch comparing stale bread to a stale rope, but understanding what rope manufacturers go through to make sure that your rope performs in the conditions you rope in is incredible.   In Craig Bray's Article Your Rope Versus The Weather, he mentions how weather affects the lay of your rope.  In warm weather - your rope stiffens up, so manufacturers adjust their machines to compensate for these changes in weather.  As the seasons change, so does their manufacturing process.

Therefore, the importance of buying a rope made in the same season that it was manufactured gives you the feel you are looking for in a rope.  Ever notice how some of your ropes feel great and how some you just bought don't have the same feel?  Well, that is probably due to the fact that the second rope you bought was made in a different season than the one you're currently in.

Once a rope is manufactured, the process of coiling a rope up in perfect coils and putting on just the right amount of twisty-ties is just as important as the manufacturing process itself.  Each rope's honda is put into a certain position to make sure it stays straight.  This process is also very important to the rope's memory and kick.   Memory is the position that the rope returns to after you rope a steer.  Kick is the way your

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